Friday, October 15, 2010

Best Top 2009 Tattoo Designs | DESIGNS TATTOO

Best Top 2009 Tattoo Designs.............

Hello and thanks for reading my article. I hope it will give you some new ideas in your pursuit of your new tattoo. Below is a list of some of the most popular Tattoo Designs for 2009 and their meanings.

1. Tribal Tattoo Design - Hard to knock this design off the top of the hill. This Native American design is by far the most requested design among Men and Women.

2. Nautical Star Tattoo Design - Coming in at number 2 is the all powerful Nautical Star Tattoo. The symbolism of this tattoo comes from sailors when celestial navigation and celestial charts first started being used. Nautical star tattoos, usually two, were place on their chest area. They were there to help guide them on their way back home, so they wouldn't get lost on the high seas.

3. Butterfly Tattoo Design - Dominating number 3 is this all time favorite tat. The butterfly tattoo is a symbol of change and beauty. For most people it means a new beginning in their life.

4. Cross Tattoo Design - Number 4 belongs to the Cross Tattoo. Primary meanings for this design is religious, but some darker meanings have been noted. Examples include certain hate groups using the cross on their forehead and badges of honor on brutal hits being carried out.

5. Rose Tattoo Design - Rose Tattoo takes the 5th and final position in this article. The rose tattoo is primary a female tattoo that means beautiful. A red rose is meant to represent life and a blue rose represents the spirit.

All tattoos are special and personal to everyone that makes the decision to own one. Choose Wise


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