Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tribal Sun Tattoos Designs | TATTOOS FOR MEN

Tribal Sun Tattoos Designs...........
the sun is a very Luarbiasa grace of god, many lovers of the sun symbol tatto use as a tattoo kebanggan for themselves.

Tribal sun tattoos are becoming a haute tattoo style. Tribal sun tattoos have been part of primitive cultures for several reasons. These primitive cultures revered and worshiped the sun as a powerful deity. It’s no surprise then that the sun would become a fundamental icon for them, even to tattooing their bodies in reverence to the sun God.

Such designs can also contain a hidden or obscured meaning. The sun is the earth’s sole provider of energy from which all alternative energy comes in many forms. Imagine the reverse meaning of a tribal sun tattoo that would signify a powerless sun. The orb in black, lacking energy to resume its former power to promote growth. Its corona a weakened grey signifying the great sun’s dying strength. Conversely, another design, a tribal sun tattoo with a bright golden orb surrounded by a halo graphical corona to signify the all powerful nature of an individual.

A tribal sun tattoo might be designed with a delicately orbiting corona while tucked inside the orb itself is a secondary symbol such as an eye to impart knowledge, a small fish to effect spirituality, a lion denoting strength or a ram to portend ambition.

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